4th Annual Innovation Summit

The world is experiencing a profound moment in its awareness of food systems, health and nutrition, and environmental sustainability. Intersecting with this moment is a rapidly accelerating technology sector that creates new opportunities for unimagined efficiencies and innovations. The moment calls for governments and companies of all sizes, and researchers from a broad array of disciplines to come together to create an evidence-based, equitable and productive modern food system that will sustain generations into the future.   

A new element is at play however, the internet. Much of this increase in awareness is due to a digital information revolution that offers advice to the consumer 24/7. Self-diagnosing is the norm, personal health data is collected on our wrist and through mail-in kits, and advice is sought from Amazon reviews before it is requested from a clinical professional. Meanwhile, Americans are seeing little health improvement overall as the health and wellness industry grows.

The Tufts Friedman School and its Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute are pleased to present a fall Innovation Summit focused on new challenges and opportunities for nutrition innovation in the rapidly evolving digital economy. Researchers, industry leaders, and government officials will offer thought leadership on the path ahead.