I am a Data Scientist with domain expertise in Energy – Oil, Gas, Renewables and Power Systems. With a BS in Petroleum Engineering and an MS in Sustainable Energy Systems, I have always enjoyed a data-centric approach in solving interdisciplinary problems. In my Bachelor’s degree, I used Neural Networks to solve a practical oil-field (Production Engineering) problem. In my Masters I explored potentials for optimizing microgrids in low-income, underserved communities while leveraging insights from large, messy, unstructured data.

In my PhD at Tufts I am working on an NSF-funded project (in an interdisciplinary team of Data and Domain Scientists) where I am applying Data Science/Machine Learning Techniques and Tools in understanding risk interconnection between Energy, Climate, Financial, and Ecological systems.

I am enthusiastic about applying my knowledge and skills in Data Science to new, challenging, unfamiliar terrains to discover and garner insights and solve problems that affects people, communities, and organisations.