Foundational Workstreams

Workstreams were developed during the launch year to optimize collaboration between Patient Advocacy Groups and Biopharmaceutical Companies (Industry). Representatives from these two stakeholder groups contribute equally to each workstream to develop standards, training, and recommendations that support PALADIN’s mission to accelerate the pace of medicines development. Each of the following launch year workstreams has completed deliverables associated with their activities.

Consensus Driven Standards

Workstream Focus
  • Common set of ‘foundations’ that clarify ways of working on key objectives
  • Optimization of timelines & resource expenditures

Skills & Training

Workstream Focus

  • Common training resources to reflect aligned ‘foundations’
  • Gain efficiencies: workforces equipped with required skills & understanding of the what & how

Improve Clinical Trial Participation

Workstream Focus

Identify effective solutions & recommendations to:

  • Improve patient voice in science, preference, trial design, and more
  • Remove barriers
  • Increase awareness
  • Improve DE&I
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Leverage health tech

Transparent Solutions that Work

Workstream Focus
  • Do more through shared collaborations
  • Reduce silos of (in)effectiveness
  • Identify value-based investments
  • Shared voice to public about key topics

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