The Cebe Research Group attends the March Meeting of the American Physical Society

The attending group members at Miriam’s poster presentation! From left to right: Nelaka Govinna, Professor Cebe, Miriam Salcedo, and Andrew Clark

Every year the American Physical Society holds a March Meeting which is focused on all things condensed matter, from superconductors, to quantum computers, and (you guessed it) polymers! Physicists from allĀ  over the world come to present their work by giving poster presentations and talks, as well as network and possibly form collaborations. This year the meeting took place right in our backyard, down in at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in the seaport district of Boston. We had 4 of our members attend, and 5 presentations given. Graduate students Nelaka Govinna and Andrew Clark both gave well-received talks on their research in the Polymer Crystallization and Polymeric Network sessions respectively. Professor Cebe, and students Miriam Salcedo and Nelaka Govinna gave poster presentations on their work in the main poster sessions. The posters received a lot of attention from conference attendees, with all 3 presenters presenting for almost the entire 2 and half hours of the poster sessions!

This was a very productive year not only for the Cebe Research Group, but for the whole of the Tufts Department of Physics and Astronomy, with presentations from the Soft Matter Theory Group, Mechanical Transport Lab, and Quantum Information Group.

Graduate student Andrew Clark presenting his work before a session on polymer networks

Graduate student Nelaka Govinna presenting his work at the APS meeting. Left, Nelaka explains his poster to interesed attendees. Right, Nelaka answers questions from his session chair concerning his talk

Professor Cebe explains her poster to Professor Rufina Alamo, a previous collaborator

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