About us

People of Planning (POP) will bring together students of minoritized identities from Tufts Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning as well as related departments. Through an array of events and activities, we aim to build community, create shared spaces for discussion, and promote the exchange of ideas among students, practitioners, and those interested in learning more about the fields of policy and planning.

In the Fall 2020 semester, we will uphold these goals by:

  • Organizing casual “coffee chat” events with recent alumni
  • Inviting guest speakers of interest to share their experiences
  • Exploring different ways of fostering connection among our members
  • Working with and learning from other student groups, both within and without Tufts
  • Reviewing goals and amending as needed

In the long term, we hope to:

  • Create mentorship opportunities for our members
  • Connect with professional groups whose goals align with ours
  • Examine how UEP’s current admissions process serves prospective students of minoritized identities, and propose improvements
  • Aid the department’s efforts to become more diverse and inclusive

At the beginning of each semester we will review this statement, adjusting or setting new goals in accordance with members’ interests and needs.

View our constitution below: