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Tufts Machine Shop Photo

The Shop:

Science & Technology Center
4 Colby Street, Rm 102 Medford, MA 02155
Phone: 617-627-3777; Fax: 617-627-3031
Email: denis.dupuis@tufts.edu or scott.maccorkle@tufts.edu
Machine shop hours: 8:00am to 3:30pm, M-F
Machine shop fees: Labor – $70.00 per hour; Stock – at cost

The Tufts University Machine Shop, located on the 1st floor of the STC, is fully equipped with the knowledgeable staff and precision tools needed to design and fabricate the necessary resources for students, faculty and staff to perform their experiments and research.

Picture7The Products:

The shop is capable of machining complex parts from plastic, such as polycarbonate, delrin, and Teflon, to stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass or steel. Welding can be done on everything from stainless steel to mild steel. We are even equipped to fabricate sheet metal.

The Equipment:

Fully equipped with computer controlled milling machines, CNC and precision lathes, a programmable indexing head, and most importantly the Machine Shop staff (including an iron worker and welders), the Machine Shop can help design projects, as well as fabricate the work on site whether from detailed drawings utilizing our CAD/CAM capabilities or from just a sketch on a scrap of paper.

Materials Machined:
Metal Plastics Nuts & Bolts
Aluminum Acrylic Metric
Brass Delrin Standard
Copper Polycarbonate Nylon
Steel PVC
Stainless Steel Teflon


Denis Dupuis

Let us help you!

Assistance is available to plan, design, and implement machining projects. Materials and
labor, along with special tooling, charged accordingly. For more information, or to speak
with staff regarding your project, contact us at the phone number or emails above.