Past Events (selected)

Tufts University Community Day 2019

Tufts University Community Day
Come by our table to learn about native pollinators and what you can do to help!

On-campus Pollinator Walk
Follow Nick Dorian as he teaches you about the pollinators and the pollinator-friendly plants you can find right here on campus!

Co-hosted by Tufts University EcoReps.

Spring in the City: One Bee, Two Bee, Red Bee, Blue Bee!
Once upon a springtime, apples were flowers and bees helped turn them into the sweet fruits that you love to pick and eat. But which bees? There are over 200 species in New England and they’re wonderfully diverse in size, color, and behavior. In this talk, Nick Dorian, a second-year PhD student at Tufts, will teach you all about our native bees, with a focus on the spring-emerging bees you’ll be able to find in Cambridge. You’ll learn about basic bee biology, why our native bees are such efficient pollinators, and how you can provide flowers and shelter to make a difference in the life of a bee.

Offered by: Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation and the Cambridge Water Department
FREE and open to the public!