Really, A website about poop?

… As a resource? are you shitting me? Believe it or not, where our poop goes matters.

From direct application as a fertilizer to being processed into biogas, to just being diverted from the sewer and fed back into the environment, human waste has a variety of creative uses. In this website there are examples from all around the world of how poop is being transformed from a waste product to a resource. There are three main ways human waste is being used: as Fertilizer, converted to Biogas, and Purified By Plants.

As a world we are beginning to really think about how our choices impact the environment and the communities we live in. One movement, Just Sustainabilities, seeks to developing sustainable communities through the lens of social justice & equity arguing that the environment and justice and equity are inherently linked and we need to think about them together. The four tenants of Just Sustainabilities include:  living within ecosystem limits; Improving quality of life and well-being;  meeting the needs of both present and future generations; Justice & equity through recognition, process, procedure and outcome (1).

This website will explore creative uses for human waste and how they connect to Just Sustainabilities. Enjoy! 


1. Agyeman, J. (2013). Introducing just sustainabilities: Policy, planning, and practice . London: Zed Books Ltd.

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