One group that is creating great educational campaigns around the power of poop is the Sustainable Energy Youth Network (SEYN). Their interactive campaign focuses on raising awareness of the issue through art, stickers, actions and breaking taboos. One action is to take a selfie on the toilet and post it to their Facebook page. Below, in their own words are some of the reasons why they give a shit!


ShitLogo400x400WHY DO WE GIVE A SHIT? 

“750 million people around the world lack access to safe water and 2.6 billion people lack adequate sanitation; there are still 1.1 billion people defecating in the open (WHO and UNICEF 2014).

The existing western flushing toilet system uses purified and potable water – between 3-7 L per every flush, which is more potable water than people lacking access to it have for their daily usage. Flush toilets are the highest consumers of water in an average household and they represent a prime opportunity for water conservation in our daily lives.

From both economical and ecological point of view, with every new flush, we are not only spending  enormous amount of money while consuming scarce planetary resources, but also wasting our own precious resource for a greener future. With the help of already existing technologies, human excrements can be transformed into clean energy – biogas, biochar, biofuel and other potential resources for our sustainable future (fertilizers, construction material and bioplastic among others).” (3)


Contact them at and/or find us on facebook 


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