Human Waste + Just Sustainabilities:



Poop is a sanitation issue: It can get into drinking water and cause health risks when not handled correctly. This is a problem in the United states when sewer systems and storm water systems are combined and overflow. It is also an issue in countries where there is no infrastructure for waste removal or processing. Implementing alternative systems for handling waste will improve quality of life for people .

Poop is an environmental issue:    As we think about meeting the needs of present and future generations, human waste is polluting water ways and land (especially in areas where there is no infrastructure for it.) In this way, poop adds to environmental degradation.

Poop is a valuable resource going down the drain: We treat poop (and urine) as waste, but it is a rich resource that we are flushing away. With our over consumption of fossil fuels waste is both an ecological solution to meeting our energy needs, and an economic one. Actually using this renewable resource will help us live within ecosystem limits.

Finally, with all environmental justice issues, it is the poor who largely bear the burden of lacking infrastructure and improper disposal of waste. In the case of human waste it is undeveloped countries who can’t afford comprehensive sanitation systems. It is everyone whose drinking water is contaminated by human waste. This website will highlight the many different organizations who are actively using waste, reclaiming it as a resource, and improving the lives of people on the grounds of justice, environmentalism and equity.




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