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Research / Internship Experience
Participate in a dental program to get a better idea of what sort of work you’ll be doing in dental school. You’ll have fun, too!

Getting Into Dental School
Gaining admission to a dental school can be a very long and stressful process, but there are several things you can do to make yourself a competitive applicant.

  • Have a positive attitude! This will help you get through courses at Tufts, make lasting contacts at summer programs, and do well in a dental school interview.
  • Be punctual! First impressions are very important. Be on time to events at the Dental School, for meetings with professors or dentists, and for an interview.
  • Get involved in extracurriculars! It is important to have a life outside of science courses and dental programs, and fun clubs or societies that you are a part of will help to convey your personality to an admissions committee.
  • Get your name out there! Meet professors at the dental school, or dentists who can write you recommendations and/or give you advice. Try and get published in the Tufts Daily or TuftScope, a great scientific publication on campus.

Courses to Take
Specific requirements for dental school can vary from school to school; however, virtually all require at least two semesters each of:

  • Biology (Biology 3 or 13 & 14, offered each fall and spring respectively), and many schools require additional biology coursework beyond these two introductory courses
  • General Chemistry (Chemistry 1 & 2, offered each fall and each ) spring, as well as the summer OR Chemistry 11 & 12; Chemistry 16 is another alternative for the first semester of chemistry, offered each spring)
  • Organic Chemistry (Chemistry 51/53 & 52/54, offered each fall and spring respectively as well as the summer)
  • Physics (Physics 1 & 2, offered each fall and spring respectively as well as summer OR 11 & 12, offered each fall and each spring)
  • English (2 courses)
  • A very small number of schools require Biochemistry (Tufts Dental School being one of them)
  • Many schools strongly recommend students to take social science courses such as Sociology, Psychology, or Anthropology.

Other Requirements
Take the DAT!
While pre-dental requirements are virtually the same as premedical, the DAT does not test physics but rather has a section on perceptual ability. Students can take the DAT anytime of year, since it is computerized. Typically students with a 3.1/3.2 GPA and a 18 academic average on the DAT are viable dental school applicants.

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