We received the following job opening from an alumnus:

OPENPediatrics is an online community of clinicians sharing best practices from all resource settings around the world through innovative collaboration and digital learning technologies. OPENPediatrics looks specifically to hire recent pre-med graduates planning on spending one or two years working before going to medical school. In addition to working on educational video, medical video editors gain access to frequent shadowing opportunities in the ICU, and are invited to attend various conferences at the Hospital.

I have enjoyed unique access to the hospital in this role, which has helped me to develop my understanding of medicine and explore my own interests in entering the field, while producing a valuable and unique product.  I plan on spending another year working for OPENPediatrics as I apply to medical school, and wanted to make sure that graduating Tufts students were aware of this opportunity.  I believe I remember receiving newsletters with similar job opportunities when I was graduating, and thought I would touch base about this.  You can find the job application through the Boston Children’s Hospital website.

Anyone who is interested or has questions can reach out to Sam Helrich ‘15 at samuel.helrich@childrens.harvard.edu.