Entering college as one of the many students considering the Premed track, I was unsure about different aspects of that path and if it was truly right for me.  Since its not a major at Tufts, how would the premed requirements fit around the other classes I have to and want to take?  What order would be best to take the required classes?  Would there opportunities for me to study abroad?  Am I ready for the premed workload?  To begin down a road of seemingly endless years of schooling?

At last year’s GIM for the Premed Society, I immediately knew the mentorship program would be an avenue to have these questions answered, as well as to connect with other people with the same goals who were wondering the same things.  Indeed, throughout the year, I had access to peers with experience with the numerous premed-related decisions I needed face.  The resources that mentorship provides are invaluable; through leaning on older premeds I was eventually able to decide firmly that this was the path I want to take.  I was given advice on how to plan out my future semesters of classes with the right order and balance, and even where a Study Abroad program or a future gap year might factor into the equation.

These mentors are fellow students who want to help you on your premed journey and can offer guidance, support, and helpful tips on how to navigate the premed track at Tufts– I am certainly grateful that I took advantage of this program!

Matt Reppucci
Class of 2020
Biology Major


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