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PREP-AIRED named Link of the Month

We are honored to be named “link of the month” by the Mayday Pain Project. The Mayday Pain Project was begun in 1994 with a grant from the Mayday Fund in New York as an international educational resource with a goal of empowering people in pain and those who care for them. The Mayday Pain Project website provides accessible, user friendly and professionally authoritative information about pain issues for patients, medical professionals and caregivers.
Thank you to the Mayday Pain Project for recognizing the important role that Tufts University’s Pain Research Education and Policy Programs play in educating tomorrow’s leaders in pain management.

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From Pain to Palliative Care

Thank you to MS-PREP/NESA student, Nancy MItchell for sending along the link to a thought provoking documentary series that recently aired on WBUR in Boston. The documentary entitled: Quality of Death: End of Life Care in America, raises many questions about the type of care and medical interventions our current health care system promotes at the end of life. The documentary challeges those of us involved in health care to consider how we can make the end of life more compassionate and meet the needs of our patients and their families more effectively and humanely. You will find it well worth your time to listen to the documentary and check out the website for more information and further discussion about Quality of Death: End of Life Care in America. Feel free to post your comments on this blog for a focused discussion on pain and palliative care.

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