Clinical Case Challenge


An 8 year-old spayed female Golden Retriever was referred to the Foster Hospital for Small Animals with a three-week history of right forelimb lameness. On physical examination the dog would not bear weight on the affected leg when standing and a toe touching lameness was present when walking. Pain was elicited with light palpation of the right proximal humerus. Initial forelimb radiographs from the referring veterinarian were considered within normal limits. Given the persistent and progressive lameness, follow-up radiographs of the right forelimb were obtained. Continue reading

Current Concepts

Veterinary magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a well-established and highly valued tool for the evaluation of neurologic disease in dogs and cats due to its unrivaled ability to distinguish normal and abnormal soft tissues (known as tissue contrast). However, this same exquisite sensitivity of MRI for detecting lesions in the brain and spinal cord can be of great benefit when evaluating other organ systems and diseases. Continue reading


Insulinoma, a small and malignant neuroendocrine tumor of dogs, has proven difficult to detect reliably with imaging tests. The literature suggests that ultrasound detects a primary pancreatic lesion in approximately 50% of cases and detects metastases in only 20% of cases.  CT has a reported success rate of detecting a primary lesion in 70% of cases, but is of limited value in the detection of metastases. Continue reading

At Your Service: Diagnostic Imaging

The Diagnostic Imaging Section within the Foster Hospital of Small Animals is comprised of a highly- experienced group of six board certified veterinary radiologists, five radiology residents-in-training and 11 technicians. Our team of diagnostic imaging specialists is the largest in the northeastern United States and is equipped with Kodak-Carestream CR radiography, digital fluoroscopy, Philips iU22 and HDI 5000 ultrasound machines, Enhanced Technologies nuclear medicine camera, Toshiba Aquillion 16 slice CT and Siemens 1.5T Symphony MRI scanner.

Tufts radiologists also offer an image consultation service to veterinarians (for more details please contact our section assistant, Carol O’Day, at 508-839-7941 or Continue reading