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Door in the Face!

From a student in PSY 13: When we learned about the door in the face technique, I immediately thought of this “Calvin and Hobbes” strip: Bad luck for Calvin–his mom must have taken Social Psych!  Can you think of examples … Continue reading

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Frustration-Aggression and Video Games

Check out the following article, which is an interesting combination of two topics we explore in the lecture on aggression: the effects of violent media and the frustration-aggression model. In the studies described, the researchers find evidence for the idea … Continue reading

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Norms, Compliance, and Asking for Money

Recently, I got an email from my alma mater. I’ve agreed to serve as a class agent, one of those people who pesters other graduates from my class to give money to our school (in large part, I do this … Continue reading

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Advertising and Attitude Change

So let’s put what we’ve read/talked about regarding attitude change into practice. Check out the ad above. What do you think, is it more likely to operate effectively via the central or peripheral route to persuasion? Why do you say … Continue reading

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Tweeting Out Reactance

On to Chapter 7… Interesting story here on what happened in Turkey a few years ago when the government banned Twitter. Short answer? Twitter use skyrocketed. Reactance at its finest, perhaps?

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More on the Psychology of Hazing

Per our discussion of dissonance, check out this interesting blog post on the psychology of hazing.  Relevant to Chapter 6’s discussion of cognitive dissonance and our need to justify behavior, but also a variety of interesting topics we have discussed … Continue reading

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Pro-Social at Tufts?

This post was written by a student in last summer’s PSY 13 course, and is shared with the student’s permission… I used to be involved with Tufts Free Compliments and after reading Chapter 11, specifically the bit about positive psychology, … Continue reading

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What Men Really Want (at least in terms of prosocial behavior)

Some interesting research that integrates several different issues we’ve been discussing: helping behavior, social norms, and self-esteem.  Basic finding?  Men don’t like it so much when another man holds a door open for them. Reactions, questions, or comments?  (Other than … Continue reading

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The Laptop vs. Notebook Debate

Here’s a link to a brief story describing the study I mentioned in a lecture in Week 2 regarding how taking notes via laptop differs, cognitively speaking, from taking notes by hand. 14 years ago when I started at Tufts, … Continue reading

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Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things

We’re talking about the Fundamental Attribution Error this week, and so when the following link popped up on my Facebook feed, it seemed a nice fit for the class blog.  I’ve stolen the title of this post from here, an … Continue reading

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