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Gender Stereotypes from Around the World

Another good one from a PSY 13 student: This buzzfeed list illustrates perfect examples of gender stereotyped products sold around the world. It immediately made me think of the boy vs. girl quilts that Professor Sommers showed us in class. … Continue reading

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What Does the IAT Tell Us?

In our second lecture on Prejudice, we discussed the Implicit Association Test (IAT). In fact, I asked you to take a low-tech version of the test as part of that lecture. And you can take multiple versions of the test … Continue reading

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Gender Stereotypes and Toys

There you have it.  Our discussion of toys and gender stereotypes in a nutshell.

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Video Games and Racial Stereotypes

Here’s a write-up of a study that a PSY 13 student sent me last semester: video gamers playing with a Black avatar act more aggressively and subsequently exhibit more racial bias. Really fascinating (and concerning) study. And it combines several … Continue reading

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Stock Photos and the Modern Working Woman

Interesting story from the NY Times regarding how outdated “stock photos” are of working women. (In the way of background, stock photos are those images websites, blogs, etc. choose from when they run a story on a particular topic). Apparently, … Continue reading

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Talking Body

From a PSY 13 student: I stumbled upon this website and I thought that it was interesting and related to what we talked about at the beginning of the semester about how we perceive others based on their body language … Continue reading

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College and “Hookup Culture”

A few years ago, Time ran a piece called The Truth About College Hookups. Interesting stuff in it regarding the ambiguity of that phrase “hookup,” students’ perceptions of the relationship/sexual climate at college, and differences between what everyone assumes is going … Continue reading

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Is On-Line Dating Actually Hurting Your Relationship?

From a former PSY 13 TA: Could all those Tinder matches be detracting from your having a stable relationship? This controversial article in the Atlantic explores how online dating- and having too many choices- could be detracting from our ability … Continue reading

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Prisoner’s Dilemma, Epilogue

{spoiler alert of sorts: best to wait to check out this information until after you’ve watched lecture for Group Processes, Part II} Some follow-up to the discussion of the Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Golden Balls British TV show from that … Continue reading

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Door in the Face!

From a student in PSY 13: When we learned about the door in the face technique, I immediately thought of this “Calvin and Hobbes” strip: Bad luck for Calvin–his mom must have taken Social Psych!  Can you think of examples … Continue reading

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