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More on Schemas, Expectations, and Race

Reactions in light of our new topic of social cognition? What’s the relevance here of schemas?  The type of associations Eberhardt et al. (2004) discuss?  For that matter, what about the bystander intervention component at play here?

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Kitty Genovese, Revisited

A documentary, The Witness, was released a year ago revisiting the murder of Kitty Genovese. Some details can be found in this article. The movie tries to dispel some popular myths about the case. It turns out, contrary to news reports … Continue reading

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Diffusion of Responsibility Through Facebook

Nice post from a student who took PSY 13 a year ago, exploring diffusion of responsibility as it occurs on-line (and here at Tufts).  With the (anonymous) student’s permission, I’m re-posting it below.  Take a look and let us know … Continue reading

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