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Talking Body

From a PSY 13 student: I stumbled upon this website and I thought that it was interesting and related to what we talked about at the beginning of the semester about how we perceive others based on their body language … Continue reading

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Pro-Social at Tufts?

This post was written by a student in last summer’s PSY 13 course, and is shared with the student’s permission… I used to be involved with Tufts Free Compliments and after reading Chapter 11, specifically the bit about positive psychology, … Continue reading

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Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things

We’re talking about the Fundamental Attribution Error this week, and so when the following link popped up on my Facebook feed, it seemed a nice fit for the class blog.  I’ve stolen the title of this post from here, an … Continue reading

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Cross-Cultural Social Perception (in this case, of beauty)

A student who took PSY 13 with me a year ago sent me a link this week.  It’s to an interesting story on the Huffington Post in which a reporter sent a picture of herself (right) to contacts in 25 … Continue reading

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