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Tufts Public Health » Awareness, Public Health Week » National Public Health Week: April 4-10, 2016

National Public Health Week: April 4-10, 2016

800-600-2016-wallpaperApril means spring weather, budding trees, flowers in bloom, and…National Public Health Week (NPHW)! Sponsored by the American Public Health Association (APHA) since 1995, the first full week in April each year has been dedicated to promoting events focused on public health, with the ultimate goal of creating a healthier nation. This year, NPHW is April 4th through 10th.

The Public Health and Professional Degree (PHPD) Programs Student Senate organized the activities that will be held during this week at the School of Medicine. The events include documentary screenings, lectures and discussions with professors on topics such as Healthy Food for All, One Health, Safe Communities and Healthcare, and Climate Change, as well as interactive activities such as a trail mix challenge, sending a letter to your representative, and a healthy food and active lifestyle Instagram photo contest. See all the week’s activities here. The event topics were based on the NPHW eight “Facts for the Week” outlined below.

Build a nation of safe, healthy communities
Where you live impacts your health and quality of life

  • Prevent gun violence to build safer communities
  • Join the cause for better roads that are biking and walking friendly
  • Support farmers markets and local health businesses

Help all young people graduate from high school
Completing high school leads to better health outcomes and opportunities

  • Support school-based health centers (SBHC)
  • Become a mentor in your community
  • Reach out to Congress to support SBHCs Reauthorization Act

The relationship between increased economic mobility and better health
Low income and poverty are synonymous with poorer health

  • Raise minimum wage to close the income gap
  • Strengthen safety net programs (SNAP)
  • Reach out to Congress to support paid sick leave

Social justice and health
Everyone deserves equal and just rights, including good health

  • Acknowledging and addressing systemic racism
  • Promote and support the health-in-all-policies approach
  • Have a conversation with your agency or organization about health equity

Give everyone a choice of healthy food
Poor nutrition affects more than just weight, it is linked to diseases, cancers, and health issues

  • Following federal standards to make informed decisions about food choices
  • Support your local bills for taxing sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs)
  • Establish a community garden in food deserts or volunteer at a food bank

Prepare for the health effects of climate change
Climate change threatens our natural resources and raises public health concerns

  • Write to Congress to uphold the Clean Air Act
  • Be aware of warmer weather and health risks among elderly and children
  • Reduce your exposure to pollution if possible and control your asthma

Provide equality health care for everyone
We may have great health care, but it doesn’t guarantee healthy people

  • Encourage the U.S to invest in preventable conditions (obesity, tobacco use)
  • Raise awareness of population-based health inequities and disparities
  • Ask congress to support the full implementation of the ACA

Strengthen the public health infrastructure
Our nation spends twice the average per capita health care cost, yet ranks 34th in life expectancy

  • Advocate for the funding of key public health agencies (CDC)
  • Urge Congress to support the ACA and Prevention and Public Health Fund
  • Raise awareness for the need of consistent and continued funding for public health

For nearly twenty years, National Public Health Week has been bringing together communities across the nation. Take action, attend an event, and join the movement!

by Sara Suter, MPH Candidate ’16

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