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Risk communication: A balancing act

Risk communication: A balancing act

In public health, a great deal of time is spent “trying to communicate to people what they should be worried about and how to minimize the risks that they might face,” says Nancy Allen, MPH ‘05, Instructor in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine. This facet of public health is known as risk communication. As Allen notes, public health professionals must pair scientific evidence with public relations … Read entire article »

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From A to Zika

From A to Zika

Amidst a battle with the Zika virus, we observe February as International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month. Pregnant women or women planning to become pregnant are being warned about the possible link to microcephaly in infants born to women who have contracted the Zika virus. The Zika outbreak has been classified as a global public health emergency at a “level 1” status by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Level 1, the highest, has only … Read entire article »

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Staying Healthy in a Winter Wonderland

Winter Storm Juno has swept the East Coast, and the Tufts Health Sciences Campus has been buried in snow. Many students rejoiced at the news of two consecutive snow days, taking advantage of the time to relax, get ahead on work, and catch up on Netflix. The blizzard has passed, but the forecast predicts temperatures as low as 0° degrees over the next week, as well as the possibility of more precipitation. With snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, below are several recommendations for staying safe throughout the rest of the winter. Frostbite Now that the winds are dying down, it is more tempting than ever to go outside and indulge in that nostalgic desire to build a snowman or go sledding. These activities often require being outside for long periods of time, … Read entire article »

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Strength, Resilience, and Pride: The Medical Community Remembers the Boston Marathon 2013

I was home in Chicago when I heard the news. My mom had just picked me up after a long day of work, and I was dialing the Tufts phone number to inquire about on-campus housing.  As I was about to press “call,” my mom asked me, “Did you hear about the explosions at the Boston Marathon?” Quickly, I closed my phone. Having attended Emerson College for undergraduate school, located just a few blocks away from the Marathon finish line on Boylston Street, Boston was my second home. When she told me about the explosions, we did not yet know if they were terrorist attacks. The week continued and as the events unfolded, I prayed for the swift recovery of this incredibly strong city. One year later, as a Tufts … Read entire article »

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