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Gun Violence, a Public Health Issue?

In the wake of another deadly school shooting, the question of gun violence as a public health issue has yet again been proposed. However, unlike most major public health questions, there is a severe deficiency in evidence supporting either side of the political rhetoric on gun control. The origin of this knowledge gap is often accredited to a 1996 congressional amendment. Commonly referred to as the “Dickey Amendment,” named after the Arkansas House Representative that championed it, Jay Dickey, the amendment prohibits the CDC from promoting or advocating gun control through its research. While the amendment doesn’t explicitly ban research on gun violence, it has served as a means of controlling the priorities of the CDC, similar to the CDC budget document censorship. A 2017 article in JAMA concluded that gun … Read entire article »

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Vision Zero: Traffic safety in Boston and beyond

Vision Zero: Traffic safety in Boston and beyond

A car struck and injured two women and a boy walking on the Freedom Trail. A duck boat killed a woman riding a motor scooter. A teenager in Dorchester and a surgeon in Back Bay died in collisions with motor vehicles. These and other high-profile crashes in Boston in recent years have motivated new efforts to improve road safety. Traffic hazards are not unique to Boston. After years of progress, 2015 saw a spike in traffic-related … Read entire article »

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