Officially Kicking-Off the Year with a Supporter Thank You Event!

We had a long year leading up to last year’s Formula Hybrid competition. Unfortunately, we ran into motor problems and couldn’t make it on track. However, when we came back to campus, we were still super motivated and made sure that our hard work was successful. So, after finals, the team got together and worked out all the bugs in our car. And we got the car to run! Our accomplishments would not have happened from the amazing support of our supporters, so in an effort to thank everyone, and raise excitement for this year’s Formula Hybrid Competition, we held a Thank You event to demonstrate our car! A special thank you goes to David Solomont for sponsoring our VIP Reception!

Check out the article Tufts School of Engineering featured on the event: click here


Our supporters look on before Martin demonstrates the car. From left to Right: Simon Metcalf, Grace Olsen, Jackson Bockhorst, Eric Leafquist, Professor Michael Zimmerman, Richard Kulpinski, David Solomont, President Anthony Monaco, Chris Fielding, David Chase, Dean Darryl Williams.

David Solomont and President Monaco look on as Martin gets ready to demonstrate the car.