Research Data Management System (RDMS)

What is Data Management?

Data management is an essential area of responsible research. Effective data management can increase the pace of the research process, contribute to the soundness of research results, and meet funding agency requirements by making research data easy to manage and share over the long term. By creating a plan for managing data at the beginning of a project, principal investigators (PIs) and their research teams will save time and effort later on and ensure data produced will be preserved in a clear, useable format.

What is RDMS?

The Research Data Management System at Tufts strives to provide the research community with a comprehensive research data management solution:

  • Manage and collect data from multiple data streams including instrument, processed data, metadata (“Data about Data”) and notes
  • Provide a complete and lasting record of discovery
  • Deliver local/remote easy, safe and secure access to data
  • Reduce loss of lab expertise when students and staff leave by providing a repository of information for others to access
  • Through-document search function supports multiple formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF
  • Create forums to collaborate, query, comment, re-think, and interpret results
  • Meet NIH and NSF research data management plan requirements and provide public sharing of information
  • Protect Intellectual Property (IP) including knowhow and new technology

 “Research data is a valuable intellectual asset to Tufts that requires thoughtful stewardship. This Research Data Management solution and tools will enable researchers to document, deposit, and manage data; facilitating efficient search and retrieval. Increasing access to the data underlying Tufts’ published research will foster a collaborative culture of discovery within departments, across schools, and with other research institutions.”

David Kahle, Project Sponsor and VP for Information Technology and CIO

RDMS Solutions and Tools

  • LabArchives is an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) that allows management of research data (in the cloud).

Please Note: LabArchives require network connectivity. In cases where you have no access to the internet, such as being in the field, we recommend recording your work locally and then transferring/copying the information into the appropriate Research Data Management tool when you re-establish network connectivity.