25 Responses to Sudan and South Sudan Full Text of Agreements

  1. Thanks for availing these documents online. We people of the two countries are the last to know what is going on.

  2. agnes nyoka peter says:

    thank you very much for the hard work and putting us on well equip information and thats very important for both sudan and south sudan



  3. Thanks for sharing this article. It means you have a good attitude and working positively for world peace and many other hot places around the globe that need peace and International Resolutions needed for worlds’ pressing issues. Keep the good job and make the world a better place to live.

    Isaac Dongrin Malith
    Rochester, Minnesota USA

  4. Thanks Mr. Lumayat for having sent me information about the last round-talk between Sudan and S.Sudan Presidents that ended last Wedensday/Thursday in Adis Ababa-Ethiopia.I think what the two leaders agreed on were understood by most S.Sudanese people if not all. But up now what I don’t udertand is the issue of Abiye and Mile 14. The Messirias are N.Kordofan residents,and they come to Abiye seasonal only for few months to graze thier cattle.Let people reason on geographic prospect,the Messirias travel from north all the way through S.Kordofan to Abiye area that does not share common frontier with them.This shows that the Messirias have no rightto claim residency of Abiye that belong to our people the Dinka Ngok.This fact is known to evrey single S.Sudanese and to even they the arabs in the north “specially Bashir gevernment” but they only pretend and want to sit on truth.We still have time ahead and I hope our leaders will come forward with all facts to claim our mother land S.Sudan the next round if at all plan.

  5. Bior says:

    I think this move will lessen wars in both Sudans. There is nothing more rewarding than focusing on economic improvement. It creates more developments and aimless war creates more wars. Both Sudans need to focus on economic development and allow flow of businesses between these countries. I appreciate the man who came up with this idea. How long should Sudans stay in wars? It should be good for both to strengthen economic and security. If these two areas are strengthened, citizens will be secured and they will be thinking for developmental things.

  6. mustafa says:

    This id half baked agreement .This Naivasha 2 .The Islamists as usual play the cliff -edge strategy ,Ever time you try hard the will give in .What about Blue Nile ,Darfur and South Kordofan ,with no hope in sight .Why do the civilized world help an oppressive and corrupt regime in Khartoum?

  7. Rose Lisok Paulino says:

    This is really a good efforts made for the two States to be!!!!.We need still alot of countinue work in the two Sudan & South Sudan,in peace building etc. Please keep the good work up. Thanks. Rose

  8. Alison Godfrey Lado says:

    Our border and security this is what we need thanks for our president,

  9. Taban Thomas says:

    It is good to have reached to those agreement.The most challenging part will be the implementation,I hope both sides will abide by them.Then they will have to finish with Abiye and the border demacation.

  10. Nyiker Okoth AWIN says:

    The AGREEMENT between South Sudan and Sudan has come in the right time as the two countries have learnt from the sufferings of their citizens because of unwise hurried actions that brought the Sudans to WAR early this year.
    It’s hoped that this time the two leaders would not foreget the lessons learnt and will commit to the timely implementation of what they agreed and sealed willingly.
    LONG LIVE THE AGREEMENT and the two countries should show sincerity in reaching an Agreement on remaining outstanding ISSUES.

  11. Emmanuel says:

    not interested in this peace, better war with sudan because refusing in our places & panthou means war, we don,t have borders with Arabs but we have borders with Fur, Nubains, & Fonji people, hence we know our borders with Africans not Arabs, so better war than peace, this is my I idea.

  12. Jonathan says:


    Thanks for getting these documents up. It really helps to see exactly what the parties agreed to.

  13. Thanks for the signing of the agreements,but let us be carefully with people that can easilly get rid for exploitation of the oil.

  14. […] that’s exactly what the slew of landmark cooperation agreements (see them here) just signed between the governments of the ‘Two Sudans’ represents for their […]

  15. […] that’s exactly what the slew of landmark cooperation agreements (see them here) just signed between the governments of the ‘Two Sudans’ represents for their […]

  16. […] that’s exactly what the slew of landmark cooperation agreements (see them here) just signed between the governments of the ‘Two Sudans’ represents for their […]

  17. Thanks for having the full documents of the cooperation agreement between Sudan and South Sudan posted on your website. It is a terrific achievement in guaranteeing the constitutional right of access to information. I never thought I would be able to find all of them because the government does not guarantee access to information as a constitutional right. Yesterday was a rough day because I never realised I would find them but thank God you provided them for me or us in unison as South Sudanese.

  18. […] The maxim that the test of any agreement is in its implementation is familiar to those who follow Sudanese politics, even from a distance.  This article reviews the latest agreements reached between Sudan and South Sudan on September 27 in Addis Ababa, brokered by the African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP).  The full text of the protocols is available here. […]

  19. Hey,

    I personally congratulated the two presidents of Sudan and South Sudan for reching a sustainable comprehensive consensus outstanding issues in the CPA and post referedum items amicably. And advice president Omer Hassan Al Bashir to avoid ill intention game against the south sudanese people by imposing unjustified threat of war and impression s well. South Sudan of today is south sudan of yester years whereby Islamists brotherhood played divided and rule policies against the south sudan which led the two sudans into decade of war since 1955-2005. should the third war broke out among the two countries again Bashir will face severe challenges of economic inflationary. However,I advice also our brothers of Northern Bahr el Ghazal state not to mount heavy pressure against our president General salva kiir and south sudan lead negiator comrade pagan Amum Okiech on the decision they had reached on mile 14. president kiir did not sold any portion of Aweil land if analysis are to be carried out.

  20. Ronda says:

    Most are British colonial records that date back to the h century when South Sudan was still part of Sudan .

  21. Benjamin Shombosco Agbiamamu says:

    Thanks for having shared with us the info, we are all glad to have this golden agreement. Both citizens from the two countries need to take and follow whats is needed to let this agreement succeed.


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