In the ten days following September 23, Sudanese cities witnessed the largest anti-government protests in many years. Many of the protesters aimed to bring down the government; others sought a reversal of its recent decision to reduce fuel subsidies. The police and security services responded with lethal force, and according to Amnesty International, killed more than 200 protesters. The ruling party played on the fear that, if the protesters should bring down the government, they would bring down the state as well.

One Response to Making Sense of the Protests in Khartoum

  1. Nell Okie says:

    Mr. de Waal: My Sudanese friend, a neurosurgeon at the U. of Chicago, responded to your article saying: He [you] is just a bookish academician who does not know what it means to be oppressed or tortured or having a family member killed because of a word of truth, no one cares about him in Sudan!

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