This post begins a new eight-part cartoon series depicting the political marketplace in South Sudan, with text by Alex de Waal and artwork by Victor Ndula. The series is the second in a collaboration between de Waal and Ndula; the first 8 episodes, “South Sudan: Who got What?” can be found on our website. The project was co-sponsored by the Cartoon Movement, Justice and Security Research Programme and the World Peace Foundation. We begin with Episode One:

SOUTH SUDAN TWO front page

3 Responses to South Sudan: The price of war, the price of peace

  1. Wadiyo says:

    every body want to realize peace in the world.
    how implement peace program in south sudan?

  2. Anthony E says:

    It hurts a lot seeing people turn into heartless monsters. How much should peace be bought?. Enough of innocent bloodshed. The government has the greatest responsibilities.

  3. Pagalworld says:

    Nice post..Its really effective topic for us.Thanks for sharing.

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