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Alex de Waal discusses corruption and accountability in the South African context. with Hennie van Vuuren, Director of Open Secrets.

The role of banks, of auditors, of big law firms is very central to a criminal economy in the world.

Hennie van Vuuren works as Director of Open Secrets a Cape Town based non-profit working for accountability for private actors who profit from economic crime and related human rights abuses. He has twenty years of experience in the non-profit sector working on issues of corruption and accountability and is a past fellow of the Open Society Foundation for South Africa, Director of the Institute for Security Studies in Cape Town and worked for for Transparency International in Berlin. Hennie is the author of Apartheid Guns & Money: A Tale of Profit (2017/2018) and co-author of The Devil in the Detail: How the Arms Deal Changed Everything (2011).

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Photo: A banner on the Central Methodist Mission church in Green Market Square, Cape Town criticising the South African Arms Deal, Discott, May 4, 2012

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