From the monthly archives: April 2022

By Eddie Thomas & Alex de Waal

Sudan’s food economy is broken and the generals in power have neither capability nor intent to mend it.

A generation of rural Sudanese have faced hunger even while the country exported food and urban dwellers enjoyed a diet centered on imported wheat. An inequitable social compact exploited the […]

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Testifying at the ICC

On April 22, 2022 By

The prosecution of Ali Abd al-Rahma ‘Kushayb’ at the International Criminal Court opened earlier this month. It is the first case in which an alleged perpetrator of mass atrocities inflicted during the Darfur war in 2003-04 is facing international justice. Hopefully it will not be the last.

For the first time at an ICC trial, […]

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by Daniel Berhane

Six weeks and counting. Tanks roll to besiege Ukrainian cities. Heavy artilleries and fighter jets roar overhead to intimidate Ukrainian civilians, wreck buildings and cripple the infrastructure. Distraught Ukrainians clamor for food and medical supplies and safe havens. Reports emerge of massacres and rapes.

The invading army insisted on referring to the […]

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WPF’s Bridget Conley and research fellow, Emma Soubrier, discuss issues from Dr. Soubier’s research paper, “Weaponized storytelling à la française: Demystifying France’s narratives around its arms export policies,” (World Peace Foundation, April 1, 2022). Dr. Conley asks about how Dr. Soubrier’s previous positions within the French government and working with Airbus impact her investigation of […]

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The World Peace Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of “Weaponized storytelling à la française: Demystifying France’s narratives around its arms export policies” by Emma Soubrier (April 1, 2022). This is the fourth report from or program, “Defense industries, Foreign Policy and Armed Conflict,” sponsored in part by the Carnegie Corporation of New […]

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