From the monthly archives: February 2023

As cited in a New York Times article this week, the UCLA Law Behind Bars Data Project recently announced that is releasing a “comprehensive public resource documenting prison deaths nationwide.” Already, their research demonstrates a devastating impact of COVID on incarcerated people:

In 2020, at least 6,182 people died in U.S. prisons.  This […]

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Two days from now, as many as 93 million people will head to the polls in what is shaping up to be the most competitive presidential election since Nigeria’s transition to democracy in 1999. It is likely to be a record-setting election in many ways. There are a record number of registered voters, more than […]

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By Eliab Tsegaye

A few weeks ago, the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church (EOTC) was on the brink of fracture when three archbishops declared the establishment of a breakaway synod in Oromia and presided over the appointment of 26 bishops. The government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was clearly involved in this […]

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By Jared Miller

From COP27 to the latest 30×30 agreement to protect 30 percent of the world’s oceans and land by 2030, there is greater global commitment to act to avert the worst aspects of climate change. A cornerstone in many of these environmental policies is a decarbonizing of our economies, and especially […]

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Kiana C.H. Nedele

The Wagner Group’s presence and operations on the continent of Africa have sparked concerns and debate across both local media and international platforms alike. First thought to be just another Russian mercenary group, the Wagner Group exists as part of a greater network of companies and soldiers. The greater Wagner Group network […]

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Alex de Waal

“Re-introducing the Political Marketplace to Ethiopia” is available in both English and Amharic (see below).

Re-introducing the Political Marketplace to Ethiopia

I first began developing the concept of a ‘political marketplace’ fifteen years ago. I argued that the dominant concepts of statebuilding—the international project of creating governmental […]

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