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  1. Teresa Krug says:

    Loved, loved, loved Waal’s piece about Somalia in the February 24th NYTimes issues. I lived in Somaliland for a year and came to understand (or rather NOT understand) a lot of the approaches that the West thinks will “fix” the Somalia problem. I’m recommending the article to every friend and family member so they can have a digestible, honest look at what needs to be done in the Somali region.

  2. Jak Bicaci says:

    I have over 40 years of knowledge about World Peace. I am given a vision to see what is actually taking place on this earth. It is a natural understanding of how this planet operates and how it impacts living beings. Why we divided into many countries and how nature controls us. How our behavior is impacted by planetary activity. Why wars? Why disease? Why drought? Why disasters? Is there a connection between all of living beings? I have the privilege of viewing a movie like vision how the planet operates and impact us. How we are wasting our time and not understanding of what is really going on. Why do we do what we do and happy with some decisions and unhappy with others as an individual or as a nation. If there is interest in hearing my visionary view point I am willing to share it. Thank you.
    Jak Bicaci, Architect/Builder


    I have experience in working with Justice Africa -Sudan Programme for 3 years. I felt very good when peace came. i am a Kenyan but really wanted my Neighboring country to be peaceful. Since most of them had taken refuge here in Kenya. I used to ask myself if in Kenya we had post election violence not for a long period and I really was scared of what was happening what of Sudan where children and women were torchered to death. I feel happy to see Sudan peaceful. I feel good about my country even if I have been jobless since Justice Africa moved to Sudan, I feel bad to have lost contact with you people, mainly my immediate boss Yoanes Ajawin.
    Aneline Musungu Kulundu

  4. Scott says:

    I believe in peace.

  5. Emanuel says:

    I appreciated the WPF .

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