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What is Global Famine?

On March 22, 2023 By

There’s a lot of bad analysis around the current “world food crisis” and the purported threat of “Biblical famines” globally. The World Peace Foundation program on mass starvation clarifies.

Last year, UN Secretary General António Guterres cited figures of 276 million people worldwide who were food insecure and an increase in food prices […]

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Today, the UN Security Council members are expected to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Tigray.

It’s a matter for UN Security Council urgent business for several reasons.

First, it’s an internationalized crisis: there are over 45,000 refugees in Sudan and within weeks there could be three times that number. There are over 100,000 Eritrean […]

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When the World Food Program accepts the Peace Prize, they will need to be discreet. We can be more candid. Let’s name some names…

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Award granted to World Food Programme today signals that using starvation as a weapon of war is no longer tolerable.

Boston, MA/The Hague, The Netherlands – October 9, 2020 – Global Rights Compliance (GRC) and the World Peace Foundation (WPF) at The Fletcher School (Tufts University), partners in the project “Accountability for Starvation: Testing […]

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The WPF with Global Rights Compliance (GRC), partners in the project “Accountability for Starvation: Testing the Limits of the Law,” have published a series of memos documenting how existing international law might apply to starvation conditions, and why it should be applied to Syria and South Sudan. Today we publish our third […]

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