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In a new op-ed published by the Guardian (July 11, 2019), our colleagues in the Accountability for Starvation project, Mohammad Kanfash and Ali al-Jasem (both of Damaan Humanitarian Organization) argue why accountability for starvation crimes cannot go unaddressed.

Amid a war that may have cost 500,000 lives, we must hold the Syrian government […]

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The below statement is by our partners at Corruption Watch UK, regarding the Court of Appeal Decision on British arms sales to Saudi Arabia. It was released on June 20, 2019.


Statement on Court of Appeal Decision on British Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Corruption Watch welcomes today’s decision by the Appeal Court […]

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On June 5, 2019, Alex de Waal appeared on al Jazeera discussing the violent crackdown on Sudan’s peaceful protests.

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Genocide in Yemen?

On December 13, 2018 By

 On December 6, Yemen peace talks began near Stockholm, Sweden. As we place our hopes for the security of the Yemeni people in the fragile prospect of a political settlement, we cannot allow ourselves to forget the crimes that have already been committed by the Saudi-led coalition and the U.S. under successive administrations. No […]

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At the outset of the war, it might have been reasonable to hope that pressure would force the Houthis to submit. Since it takes months to starve people, a brief period of hardship would not have involved a level of suffering disproportionate to the military objective. But, within months of the launch of the war, humanitarian agencies were warning of crisis, and there were no indications of Houthi surrender. By persisting with this method of war, Bin Salman knew for sure that thousands of Yemeni children would die from hunger and disease.

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August’s WPF Employees of the Month are “borders”, or more specifically, hard, closed, national borders.

The borders between US states, marking the passage from one jurisdiction to another, are not a problem. likewise the open borders between nations within the EU’s Schengen area, like Germany and the Netherlands.

But the other sort of borders, the […]

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