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This contribution captures the remarks of Andreas Eshete, Chairman, Interim Board of the AU Human Rights Memorial, upon the inauguration of the AU Human Rights Memorial. At a ceremony unveiling the foundation stone, Eshete stated that the Memorial “is a site for the permanent preservation of the memory of the multitude of innocent African victims of these and other grave abuses of human rights.”

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By Alex de Waal

On the afternoon of January 28th, as the African heads of state met inside the new conference center and office complex, I stood with a handful of others in a windy corner of the compound, at the spot where human rights memorial will stand. Now, there is only a block of […]

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Remember Alem Bekagn

On January 20, 2012 By

The new headquarters of the African Union have been built on the site of Addis Ababa’s former central prison, officially called Akaki, but known in Ethiopia as Alem Bekagn, or ‘farewell to the world’, and the site of detentions and massacres, from the Italian occupation of 1936 to the Red Terror of 1977-78.

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