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by Saba Araya, Kiros Teklay and Saba Mah’derom

As the war in Ethiopia expands and gets closer to the capital city, we are living in fear. We fear for ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our country.

With every passing week, the situation of Tigrayan civilians in Addis Ababa and across Ethiopia has become progressively […]

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The United Nations and almost every single foreign government concerned with Ethiopia has called for a ceasefire. But what does this actually mean? What is a ceasefire and how can it be secured?

This blog post explores some of the complexities of a ceasefire agreement (CFA). Ceasefire has no specific meaning in law, but […]

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Originally published by Responsible Statescraft on September 17, 2021.

Out of the headlines, the civil war in Ethiopia rages on. Thousands are dying in bloody battles between Tigrayan resistance fighters and the ill-trained recruits that the Ethiopian government is deploying to shore up its shattered army. More than 200 massacre sites have been documented in […]

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In the aftermath of the military defeats suffered by the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) in Tigray there is an immediate high risk of reprisals against civilians.

Last week the Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) took the strategic offensive for the first time and destroyed an ENDF force of approximately 15,000 men and captured significant amounts […]

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The explosions of violence across Ethiopia, intersecting with the deep violence woven into the political fabric of Eritrea, pose challenges to political leaders, thought leaders, and civil society.

The gross violations inflicted on the people of Tigray are – like all such cases of mass atrocity – partly sui generis, but also a manifestation of […]

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Thirty years after the overthrow of President Mohamed Siad Barre, Somalia is in a new interregnum. This time, most of the Somali political elite share a consensus on the next step—dialogue.

My paper, ‘Somalia’s disassembled state: clan unit formation and the political marketplace,’ was recently published in the journal, Conflict, Security and Development. […]

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