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By Meron Gebreananaye, Saba Mah’derom, Kiros Teklay and Kisanet Haile Molla

The extensive use of military unmanned aerial vehicles (‘armed drones’), for lethal strikes by the Ethiopian government in the Tigray region is fast becoming one of the most devastating but neglected human rights violations in the world. The limited international attention paid […]

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This essay is part of a series, Fletcher Voices. WPF invited students at Tufts University’s the Fletcher School for Law and Diplomacy to submit short essays reflecting on the impact of coronavirus. Kevin Dupont is a second-year MALD at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, where he studies International Security Studies and focuses on […]

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Drones for sale!

On February 19, 2015 By

On Tuesday, United States President Barak Obama issued a new policy on the sale of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and drones. Although the policy is couched in terms of human rights and international law, its likely purpose is to pave the way for greater sales of American-made […]

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