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The World Peace Foundation stands with the African American-led movement demanding equality and justice and denouncing police brutality.

Throughout history, Black-led justice movements—some originating in the US, but also from within Africa and across the diaspora—have resisted oppression and injustice, and have inspired others to do the same. Today is no different.

Peace […]

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World Peace Foundation expresses its profound sadness at deaths of African Americans at the hands of those who pledge to ‘protect and serve.’ We stand together with those struggling against the racism that has marked this country throughout its history. In honor of all those today and over the hundreds of years who have refused […]

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Today, the WPF is launching a new research project tracking COVID 19 in places of detention, with focus on the United States. Our first case study, of Massachusetts, is now available. The project is led by WPF Research Director, Bridget Conley, and draws on a team of Tufts University-affiliated researchers.

Beginning in […]

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Whether the goal is to minimize coronavirus transmission across society, to protect detained people who are at heightened risk, or to improve the criminal justice system, we need to learn both to see the larger contours of Detentionville and the extreme variations within it. It is simultaneously national and local. While the affects of detention are not borne equally by all, the pandemic also reveals that we all live near Detentionville.

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Writing for the BBC, Alex de Waal argues that both Sudan and the ICC might prefer a slowdown. Originally published on the BBC website on 14 February 2020.

Sudan’s announcement that it plans to hand ousted long-serving President Omar al-Bashir over to the International Criminal Court (ICC) was dramatic and surprising, but it […]

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Bashir to The Hague?

On February 11, 2020 By

The announcement by the Government of Sudan that it intends to hand over former President Omar al-Bashir and three other individuals to the International Criminal Court is dramatic, surprising, and welcome to the vast majority of people in Sudan who long for justice. But it is also problematic.

Accountability for crimes committed over the last […]

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