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There are plenty of absurdities one can point to and laugh at, and more one can deride with horror, about the Trump-Kim summit on June 12th. The extraordinary spectacle of Trump going from threatening “fire and fury” and boasting about the size of his nuclear button, to praising “Little Rocket Man” as “very talented”, and […]

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A nuclear strike almost certainly qualifies as an act of genocide. Does a threat of nuclear attack constitute incitement to genocide?

This question is not new, but newly invigorated by today’s crises. In 2005, then-Iranian President Ahmadinejad generated great fervor stated, in a contested translation, that Iran would “wipe Israel off the map.” In some […]

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October 2017’s joint WPF employees of the month are North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un (alias ‘Rocket Man’) and US President Donald Trump (alias ‘The Dotard’) for their collaborative contribution to bringing the world noticeably closer to nuclear apocalypse.

Those who follow such matters have been used to extravagant, blood-curdling rhetoric from North […]

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