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The experience of a psychotherapist treating survivors of sexual violence in Tigray

This blog contribution describes the author’s discussions with Dr. Feven Tekelehaimanot, a Tigrayan psychotherapist who has been working with Tigrayan survivors of sexual violence perpetrated during the on-going war. The essay includes details of survivors’ accounts of violence that readers may find disturbing.


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On the eve of international women’s day, we are publishing a call from 15 women’s organizations to the United Nations to provide the services so desperately needed by survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in Tigray.

Their needs are particularly urgent, not only because of the scale of the crimes perpetrated against them, […]

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In the aftermath of the military defeats suffered by the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) in Tigray there is an immediate high risk of reprisals against civilians.

Last week the Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) took the strategic offensive for the first time and destroyed an ENDF force of approximately 15,000 men and captured significant amounts […]

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By Jan Nyssen and several colleagues that co-authored but preferred to remain anonymous.

In a speech to assembled Ethiopian ambassadors in January 2019, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed would make a prescient remark regarding Tigray. Alluding to the role of soldiers during the battle of Adua in 1896 and later, during the Eritrean war, Abiy […]

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Sexual violence is the brutal hallmark of the conflict that broke out in Tigray, Ethiopia last November.

Women and girls have been subjected to rape, gang rape, abduction, and mutilation of their sexual organs. Horrific reports tell of women having their vaginas cauterised with hot metal rods. The youngest survivor has been a girl […]

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