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Alex of the Horn

On February 16, 2021 By

This interview was originally posted on February 13, 2021 at The Reporter Ethiopia.

Host Tewedaj Sintayehu speaks with Alex de Waal on his relationship with the TPLF, their miscalculations, the humanitarian crisis in Tigray, and criticisms made against him. Below are […]

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Seyoum Mesfin, who was killed in Tigray this week at the age of 71, was Ethiopia’s longest-serving foreign minister. His untimely death robs Ethiopia of a man who exemplified the country’s tradition of enlightened and progressive patriotism. Under other circumstances we would expect a national day of mourning and a state funeral, including national and […]

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Eritrea has deployed most of its army in Tigray region of Ethiopia. This is no secret. At minimum, 12 divisions have been fighting inside Tigray.

At first, the United States gave Eritrea a free pass, expressing “thanks to Eritrea for not being provoked” into retaliating after a TPLF rocket attack on Asmara. […]

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