Great Herring Pond Open

Sailing Event Log: Fleet Racing

Event: 2009 Great Herring Pond Open

Date: October 17, 2009


A:Peggy Tautz/Sally Levinson (3rd )

B: Renne Gange/ Midori Tanaka (9th )

Course: Course 5

Conditions: N wind right down the lake starting at 12-15 with gusts to 20 and some lulls, it

built to 15-20 in the afternoon. It was shifty and puffy.

Notes: The race management did not change the course once, so picking the favored side of the

course/line was certainly an advantage while sailing.

Boat Handling / Speed

420’s: it was a good regatta to practice our

420 boat speed.

It was important to remember it was not an

FJ : so we followed two rules:

o Don’t pinch

o Ease main!

Done well:
• Boat handling in wind
• playing the shifts smart


Each race people bunched up at the boat since it

was normally favored, however we started middle

pin and was able to start at full speed most races.


The middle-right side of the course was favored

all day. After the starting not tacking and going

straight up the lake on starboard was really fast.

Once you were at least half way up, you could

start playing the shifts more. The course got really

shifty at the top mark making it imperative to have

good boat handling


Downwind was a little more tricky and required

thought about where the puffs were coming from

and immediately thinking about what side of the

line you were to finish on. Following the tell tales
Always not sailing too by-the-lee which is
was•also helpfulgetting a good start
• Keeping head out the boat (especially in the
not as fast.
• Choosing the right jibe/side of the finish
line to be on at the end of the race

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