Oberg Regatta

Sailing Event Log: Fleet Racing

Event: Oberg Trophy @ MIT Date: 24-25 October 2009
Skipper/Crew: Course: Harry Anderson/WLW
A Division Nicolas Russo-Larson/Jory Hanseman
B Division Massimo Soriano/ Adam Weisman
C Division Nate Rosenberg/Madeline Luce
Conditions: Saturday: no races due to lack of wind. Sunday: 5-12 from the Northwest (Oscillations between West and North).


  • Good starts allowed us to play the middle which was imperative for a good first beat.
  • Getting flushed out to the right was almost always a deal breaker.
  • Even though they used the i-flag all day, everyone could have pushed the line harder. In B, for example, there was only one boat recalled after the start.


  • Inconsistent holding of shifts.
  • While some boats made huge gains

    on substantial left or right shears, playing the middle would result in a respectable windward mark rounding every time.

  • Had to sail into the header a little bit in order to not sail out of it once one had tacked.

Boathandling / Speed:

  • Positive attitude about changing from Techs to FJs.
  • Difficult to slow down Techs during starts.
  • In a big puff, ease mainsheet in Techs (boat won’t go any faster. So keep it flat).
  • Transitions from puffs to lulls and vice- versa.
  • Boathandling improved in all divisions over the course of the day.


  • Preparation was disappointing (bailers, tell tales, gear, food, etc.).
  • Starting the regatta strong; we didn’t have a great first set in any division. It took us a set and a half to find our footing.
  • Take advantage of pre race time to perfect boathandling so that it’s not a factor during the race.

Done well: Downwind:

• Kept a positive attitude after bad races • Find the puffs but don’t chase them

which allowed us to step up our game

as a team.
too aggressively; they fill towards the

• Figured out, planned and executed a middle.

strategy early on.
• Harry Anderson: mark roundings are

critical. Concentrate on setting up

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