Fall 2017

DateRegattaReport Time
Sept 3Chix Only Team Race @ Tufts10:00
Sept 4Monday Freshmen Tryouts @ Tufts1:00
Sept 9-109th Women’s Toni Deutsch Trophy @ MIT in FJs10:30
Sept 9-1045th Harry Anderson Trophy @ Yale in 420s10:30
Sept 9-1043rd Penobscot Bay Open @ Maine Maritime in 420s 9:30
Sept 9-1011th Philip Harman Cup Sloop Elims @ Maine Maritime in Colgate 26s9:30
Sept 9-10Mt. Hope Bay Invitational @ Roger Williams in FJs10:30
Sept 9-10Lark Invitational, Central Series One @ Tufts10:30
Sept 10FJ Invitational @ Harvard 9:30
Sept 12J-70 Invite @ Coast Guard4:00
Sept 16-17Women’s Stu Nelson Trophy @ Connecticut College in FJs10:30
Sept 16-17Nevins Trophy @ Kings Point in 420s, FJs, & Lasers9:00
Sept 16-17Lake Champlain Open @ Vermont in FJs10:30
Sept 16-17Hatch Brown Trophy @ MIT in 3 divs of FJs & Fireflies10:30
Sept 16-17Long Island Sound IRC champs in Farr 30 @ Greenwich, CT9:00
Sept 16-17Central Series Two @ Boston College in 420s & FJ10:30
Sept 16-17Scrimmage @ Boston Univ. in FJs (12 Tufts boats)10:30
Sept 21Thursday Firefly Invitational @ MIT4:00
Sept 23-24Women’s Singlehandeds, Olympians Trophy, @ RWU in 3 BYO Radials9:30
Sept 23-24NE Men’s Singlehanded Champs @ Roger Williams in 1 BYO Laser9:30
Sept 23-2434th Hood Trophy @ Tufts in Larks9:30
Sept 23-2416th Chris Loder Trophy @ U. New Hampshire in FJs10:30
Sept 23-24Amanda Trophy @ Roger Williams in FJs10:30
Sept 23-24Commonwealth Invitational, Central Series Three @ Mass Maritime10:30
Sept 23-24Southern Series @ U Rhode Island in FJs10:30
Sept 23Ross Trophy @ Courageous Sailing Center in R-19s (3 Tufts boats)10:30
Sept 30-Oct 1Danmark Trophy @ Coast Guard in 420s & FJs10:30
Sept 30-Oct 1Rogers Trophy Women’s regatta @ Cornell in Turbo 420s9:00
Sept 30-Oct 1Jesuit Trophy @ Fordham in 420s9:00
Sept 30-Oct 1Women’s Regis Bowl @ Boston Univ. in FJs10:30
Sept 30-Oct 1Hewitt Trophy, NNE Champs, Northern Series Three @ Dartmouth in FJs 10:30
Sept 30-Oct 1Smith Trophy @ MIT in Fireflies & Techs 10:30
Sept 30Charles River Invitational @ Harvard in FJs 10:30
Oct 6Team Racing Challenge @ Boston Sailing Center in Solings 2:00
Oct 7-8Storm Trysail Club College big boat @ Larchmont8:00
Oct 7-8Match Racing clinic @ Sail Newport10:30
Oct 7-8Moody Trophy @ Rhode Island in FJs 10:30
Oct 7-8Nicholas Barnett Trophy @ Bowdoin in FJs10:30
Oct 7-8Southern Series Five @ Roger Williams in FJs 10:30
Oct 8Protest Trophy @ Bates in FJs9:30
Oct 14-15NE Sloop Champs, Larry White Trophy @ Roger Williams in J-22s9:30
Oct 14-15Women’s Intersectional @ Yale in 420s9:00
Oct 14-15Truxton Umstead @ Navy in 420s, FJs, Lasers, & Radials9:00
Oct 14-1527th Captain Hurst Bowl @ Dartmouth in FJs10:30
Oct 14-15Great Herring Pond Open @ Mass. Maritime in 420s 10:30
Oct 14-15Providence Invitational, Southern Series Six @ PC in FJs 10:30
Oct 1411th Norm Reid Trophy Team Race @ Boston College in 420s10:30
Oct 14Charles River Invitational @ MIT in FJs & Fireflys10:30
Oct 15Lane Trophy Team Race @ Tufts in Larks9:30
Oct 19Thursday Firefly Invitational @ MIT4:00
Oct 21-22Women’s Mrs. Hurst Bowl @ Dartmouth in 420s & FJs10:30
Oct 21-22Sherman Hoyt Trophy @ Brown in 420s10:30
Oct 21-22Oberg Trophy @ Harvard/BU/Northeastern in 3 divisions of FJs10:30
Oct 21-22Boston College Invitational, Central Series Six @ BC in 420s10:30
Oct 22Southern Series Six @ Providence in FJs (cd)10:30
Oct 22Peak Foliage Invite @ U. New Hampshire in FJs9:30
Oct 28-2952nd Women’s Victorian Coffee Urn @ Harvard in FJs10:30
Oct 28-2976th Erwin Schell Trophy @ MIT in FJs and Fireflies10:30
Oct 28-29NE Frosh Champs, Nickerson Trophy @ Tufts in Larks10:30
Oct 28-297th Dave Perry Trophy team race @ Roger Williams in FJs10:30
Nov 4-5 ICSA Singlehanded Champs @ U. South Florida in Lasers & Radials9:00
Nov 4-5Sister Ester Open @ Salve Regina in 420s10:30
Nov 4-5Hap Moore Trophy Team race @ Coast Guard in FJs10:30
Nov 4Michael Horn Trophy @ Harvard, team racing w/1W skipper in FJs10:30
Nov 4Professor NoRinger Invitational @ BU by BDS in FJs10:30
Nov 5Crews Regatta @ MIT in Techs (helms cannot have skippered this fall)9:30
Nov 9Dark of Night Invitational @ Tufts in Larks4:00
Nov 11-1226th Women’s Atlantic Coast Champs @ Connecticut College in FJs10:30
Nov 11-12AC Dinghies, 38th Fiske-Harriman-Sleigh @ NY Maritime in 420s9:00
Nov 17-19ICSA Match Racing Champs @ Charleston in J-22s (Pending Qualification)9:00
Dec 2NEISA Annual Scheduling Meeting @ MIT10:00
Jan 6-7Rose Bowl @ Long Beach in FJs10:00

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