Article 8: House of Delegates

  1. In order to be eligible for SAVMA funds, new clubs must:
    1. Obtain a faculty advisor.
    2. Submit club bylaws to the Dean of Student Affairs.
    3. Be approved by the SAVMA Executive Board.
    4. Promote academic and/or community involvement and enrichment.
    5. The members of clubs receiving SAVMA funds shall not be eligible for academic credit (i.e. selective credit) for their participation in the club’s routine activities.
    6. A minimum of 50% of their members must be registered SAVMA members.
  2. Requesting SAVMA funding
    1. The method for requesting SAVMA funding will be determined by the SAVMA executive board each year in accordance with budget issues.
  3. If any member of the Executive Committee is an officer in the club, he or she shall abstain from voting upon said budget.