Article 9: Constitutional Amendments

  1. The members of TCSVM SAVMA may amend this Constitution at any of its general meetings by a two-thirds vote cast by the members registered and voting at the meeting, provided the proposed amendment shall meet the following requirements.
  2. The proposed amendment must be introduced at the preceding meeting and a copy must be filed with the SAVMA executive board at least ten (10) days prior to the beginning of said meeting. Introduction of properly filed amendments, indicating the exact words to be added or deleted, does not require action at said meeting.
  3. The proposed amendment must be approved by the SAVMA faculty advisors prior to final action. Amendments may be introduced by the SAVMA executive board or any member of TCSVM SAVMA.
  4. The Chapter shall advise the AVMA of any amendments to the Bylaws. Such alterations must be approved by the AVMA before they are effective.