Fletcher School Students Club


The Fletcher Science Diplomacy club was founded in September 2016. It maintains close ties to the Science Diplomacy Center (Tufts University) and the Science Diplomacy Education Network (AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy).

The club aims to raise awareness of the growing field of science diplomacy, highlighting the role of science in informing sound international policy-making, solving global challenges and improving international relations. The club provides a forum for students, at the Fletcher School and beyond, to explore and understand issues at the intersection of science and international relations.

In particular, the club aims to:

(1) bring relevant speakers (science diplomats and government advisors, scientists and science diplomacy scholars) to Fletcher to raise awareness within the school,

(2) liaise and co-organize events with other Boston-based universities to build momentum within the greater Boston area,

(3) develop connections between the Fletcher School and national / international organizations,

(4) further position the Fletcher School as a leader in the science diplomacy field so that it can provide an academic science diplomacy educational track and,

(5) create opportunities for students interested in careers in science diplomacy or with a scientific component.