Students and partners


Ali Akanda

2011 PhD ThesisHydro climatological Controls on Cholera

Tim Arendt

1993 MS ThesisA Factorial Study of the Energy-Moisture Transfer Processes at the Earth-Atmosphere Interface

Namrata Batra

2005 MS ThesisComparison of evaporation estimates from multiple satellites

Gautam Bisht

2004 MS ThesisEstimation of Net Radiation from Satellite Data

Zhiquan Bo

1994 MS ThesisScale Considerations in Hydrologic Modeling: Part Aggregation and Disaggregation of Temporal Rainfall; Part II Effects of Land Surface Heterogeneities on Evaporation

Agustin Botteron

2016 MS ThesisUncharted Waters of the Middle East: Re-Visiting the Euphrates-Tigris Conflict in Troubled Times

Dyi-Huey Chang

2002 PhD ThesisAnalysis and Modeling of Space Time Organization of Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture

Jiann-Long Chen

1997 PhD ThesisCharacterization of In-Situ Electroosmosis Using Conductive FracturesCo-advisor

Margaret Garcia

2017 PhD ThesisInfrastructure, Hydrology, and Policy: Socio-Hydrological Modeling of Urban Water Consumption Dynamics

Zhenglin Hu

1996 MS ThesisPrediction of Moments of Soil Moisture Images at Different ResolutionsCo-advisor

Zhenglin Hu

1996 PhD ThesisEffects of Spatial Heterogeneity on Land-Atmosphere Interactions

Le Jiang

2000 PhD ThesisEstimation of Land Surface Evaporation Map Over Large Areas Using Remote Sensing Data

Yudan Jiang

2014 MS ThesisA Simple Streamflow Forecasting Scheme for the Ganges Basin

Antarpreet Jutla

2012 PhD ThesisPredicting Seasonal Cholera Outbreaks from Satellite

Ravi Kanda

1997 MS ThesisCharacterization of Ozone Dynamics in Urban Areas

Bharadawaj Karthik

2001 MS ThesisSpatial Variability of Groundwater Arsenic in Bangladesh

Catherine Knox

20XX PhD ThesisAgent Based Modeling to Resolve Complex Water Problems

Yun Le

1995 MS ThesisEffects of Initial Atmospheric States on the Generation of Mesoscale Circulations

Jikang Li

1999 MS ThesisRetrieval of Root Zone Soil Moisture from Remote Sensing Observations

Qing Liu

1995 MS ThesisNonlinearities and Issues of Space-Time Averages in Streamflow Data

Tianyi Luo

2012 MS ThesisEvapotranspiration Estimation over Agricultural Plains using MODIS Data for All Sky Conditions

Christos Matsoukas

1999 PhD ThesisPrecipitation Estimation and Forecast Using Radar and Rain Gage Measurements with Artificial Neural Networks

Wahid Palash

2018 PhD ThesisA Forecasting Framework for Complex Systems: Reframing of Flood Forecasting from Local to Global Scales with Requisite Simplicity

Tahira Sayed

20XX PhD ThesisLinking Sectoral Policies to Transboundary Water Cooperation and Governance in the Greater Himalayan Region – An Alternative Cooperation Framework at Regional Scale

David Small

2006 PhD ThesisA Diagnostic Study of Possible Acceleration of the Hydrologic Cycle

Kevin Smith

20XX PhD ThesisSimulation and Verification of Autonomous Stormwater Systems

Joseph Sobieraj

2003 PhD ThesisSpatial Pattern of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and its Controlling Factors for Forested Soilscapes

Deeptha Thattai

1998 MS ThesisSpatial Characterization of Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture

Virginia Venturini

2007 PhD ThesisEstimation of Evapotranspiration Using Remote Sensing

Douglas Whitaker

1999 MS ThesisEl-Nino, Teleconnections, and Flow in the Ganges: A New Paradigm for Streamflow Forecasting

Ercan Yavuz

2015 MS ThesisUncharted Waters of the Middle East: Re-Visiting the Euphrates-Tigris Conflict in Troubled Times

Collaborative Partnerships

We work on availability, access, and allocation of water within the context of climate challenges, health, data driven decision making, and diplomacy. We seek interdisciplinary approaches to create actionable knowledge by blending science, engineering, policy, and politics in contextually relevant ways using complexity science, systems thinking, principled pragmatism, and negotiation theory. To facilitate our interdisciplinary research-practice agenda, we have developed collaborative partnerships with the faculty, students, practitioners, and industrial partners from a wide range of national and international organizations including: