Studio Safety Policies for COVID 19

Studio users must abide by all studio policies, procedures, and instructions listed online, posted on signage, or communicated by a studio monitor or studio manager. Studio policies may change during the semester to adapt to shifting circumstances and it is each user’s responsibility to keep abreast of these changes. Studio policies will be listed and continually updated here.

For questions or assistance, please e-mail

University-Wide Policies

  • Tufts University has released guidelines for students, staff, and faculty to follow when working on campus. Users of shared SMFA studios must abide by all Tufts policies, including those expressed in:
  • Wear a face covering at all times in the studio.
  • Always maintain 6ft distance from other people.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
    • Proper hand hygiene is the single most important intervention to reduce the spread of germs. Everyone should clean their hands often, in particular before or after working in the studio; before eating, drinking or handling food; after using the restroom; and whenever hands are visibly soiled.
    • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed at the entrances to most specialized studio spaces, and around the hallways.

Reservation and Access

  • Before working in any specialized studio space, you must reserve studio time.
  • If you are not authorized for a studio you wish to use, please contact the relevant studio manager or studio website for access policies
  • Please factor cleaning into your reservation time
  • Capacity limits are posted outside the door to each room. Capacities are limited to maintain social distancing while also allowing users the freedom of movement necessary to complete their work.
  • Private studios do not require room reservation.

Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol

  • Studio users are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting all tools, equipment, and surfaces that they touch before and after use.
  • Specialized studios will be cleaned and disinfected twice daily by studio staff.
  • All cleaning and disinfection should be performed using materials distributed by the university.
    • Cleaning supplies are available in clearly marked areas within each studio.
  • Care should be taken when cleaning sensitive tools and equipment such as electronics and bare metal surfaces.
    • Look for signage outlining special cleaning protocols where necessary.

Studio-Specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Certain studio spaces involve the use of PPE for hazardous processes. Please follow posted guidelines or instructions for PPE use within these studios
  • Reusable PPE (leather gloves, welding jackets, face shields, etc) must be disinfected after usage, either with approved disinfectant, or by being held in isolation for a minimum of 48 hours. Follow instructions posted in each studio.
  • Disposable PPE is intended for one-time use, and should be discarded in a designated waste unit after use.

Communication and Movement Within the Studio

  • When more than one user is in a specialized studio, communication is crucial to safety.
  • Where possible, separate entrances and exits have been designated within each studio.
  • When entering a studio that is in use, verbally signal that you are entering. Make sure that the number of people in the space (including employees) is equal to or below the maximum capacity.
  • When you first enter a space, take a moment to orient yourself.
    • Look for signs designating work stations, cleaning areas, maximum room capacity, etc.
    • Look for floor markings, signs, maps or other markers indicating directional flow of movement within each studio space.
    • Observe where other users are working so that you can keep your distance.
  • If you need to move past another person, indicate this to the other person verbally. Ensure that at least six feet of distance is maintained between each person.