A104 – Print Studio

The Print Shops offer a variety of spaces dedicated to work in screen printing, lithography, intaglio, relief, monoprinting, and other alternative printmaking processes. Our shops support traditional methods as well as contemporary digital techniques and hybrid practices. Students enrolled in a printmaking course will receive a shared locker and flat file for the semester, as well as access to all inks.

Maximum Capacity – 5

Reservable Capacity – 4

Supervision – Regular walkthroughs, buddy system required

Access Policy

Authorized users may reserve studio time. Only advanced students with faculty permission are authorized to use the print shop this fall. Buddy system required– users must coordinate with each other so that they are never working in the shop alone.

Separate entry and exit doors. Users reserve one of three physically distanced work station. Users have shared access to stationary tools, but must coordinate usage while maintaining physical distance. One-way circulation around stationary tools labeled with floor markings.


No new users trained this fall.

Studio Map