Here are instructions for receiving reimbursement of expenses associated with First-Year Courses within the School of Engineering. Please note: the rules and regulations around course expenses varies year-to-year, semester-to-semester, and section-to-section, so please consult with Ethan Danahy or Chris Swan for clarification.

Instructors and/or Departments need to monitor/track purchases and receipts and then get expenses processed by the SoE’ Dean’s Office afterwards.

If tax was charged, you can only be reimbursed for the pre-tax amount + shipping. Tufts Accounts Payable will be unable to process it if a proper receipt was not supplied.

Note for Amazon purchases: If you order from Amazon, your receipt needs to be the Amazon Receipt (aka invoice; not the shipping order/info). It should show the item purchased, date purchased, amount paid, and last 4 digits of the credit card it was charged to.

Here is the link to access Apptricity. If you need support, here is the user guide and a training video.

Reimbursement depends on how the items were purchased. For any questions or concerns, reach out to Beatrix Roeller (Administrative Coordinator within the School of Engineering) in the SoE’s Dean’s Office at

1. Tufts P-Card:

Tufts P-Card (Purchase Card) transactions need to be reconciled in Peoplesoft. For support, please see this user guide.

If you purchase class supplies on your P-Card, your Department will be charged. At the end of the semester, list those purchases and ask your Department Admin for an expense transfer to the Dean’s Fund (via Beatrix Roeller).

2. Reimbursement for Cash, Personal Credit Card, or T-Card:

If the expenses have been made by cash, personal credit card, or Tufts T-Card (Travel Card), you can submit them for reimbursement within Apptricity, adding Beatrix Roeller as an Ad-Hoc Approver on those expenses in Apptricity, and she can update the account code in the system before approving. Please note: anything over $50 needs receipts. The system will either send you a check or use direct deposit (based on method on-file for your reimbursements).

3. Other:

If the purchase falls into another category, please contact TSS, Beatrix Roeller (, or Ethan Danahy ( to identify the appropriate process.